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In a recent study undertaken by a Car Insurance company, experts revealed that forced ignition thefts have fallen significantly over the past few years. The study reported that many criminals now prefer to steal the owner’s keys in advance. This means that criminals are now capable of performing car thefts in a fraction of the time and with few of the associated risks.

Did you know that in Europe alone, over 1.2 million cars are stolen every year? That’s an astonishing 3,288 cars per day.

Almost two thirds of all recent cars thefts, the report revealed, are thefts in which the criminal was already in possession of the owner’s keys.

This troubling new trend has resulted in a considerable increase in the number of vehicle thefts every year. In Ireland alone, in 2012, over 8000vehicles were reported stolen. In the UK, this number was close to 350,000. Not only that, however, but the majority of vehicles reported stolen are never retrieved. Statistics like these are enough to make any vehicle owner feel completely powerless.

Until now!

TracknStops’ revolutionary technology puts you back in the driver’s seat – where you belong!

Key Statistics

  • More than 4.3 billion dollars was lost nationwide due to motor vehicle thefts.
  • In Europe alone, over 3,288 vehicle are stolen every day.
  • In the USA, over 715,353 vehicle were stolen in 2011.
  • In the USA, one vehicle is stolen every 40 seconds.

Did you know: many vehicles these days are shipped abroad?

With criminal gangs purposely targeting high-end models and luxury brands, many vehicles are now being shipped abroad for resale in foreign countries. A large majority of vehicles are also stripped down for spare parts and then sold locally or over the Internet.

A large number of vehicles are stripped down for spare parts and then sold locally or over the Internet.
These sophisticated practices – experts claim – have radically reduced the ability of law enforcement officials to retrieve stolen automobiles.

But now – with the help of TracknStop – you can stay one step ahead of the criminals!

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