US Patent Awarded

The team at TracknStop are delighted to announce that our US Patent was awarded on April 16th 2017 (Patent Number: 9,630,590). This follows on from our successful Irish Patent (Number: S86671) awarded in July 2016.

TracknStop has been working with both private and commercial vehicle owners giving them the ability to control their vehicle’s security. With its integrated GPS tracking system and specialised remote technology, TracknStop allows you to track your vehicle’s movements on your Smartphone or tablet and to personally disable its engine.

The initial idea for TracknStop was developed by Co-founder and Chief of Operations, Stephen Kehoe who has wealth of experience in security and asset management.
Stephen had used vehicle trackers on numerous occasions. And yet, despite the obvious benefits of these trackers, Stephen felt they were significantly limited. Why couldn’t someone develop a system that could not only track a vehicle’s movement, but remotely disable its engine too?

TracknStop was born from this concept.

The US Patent marks a milestone for TracknStop.

The awarding of the US Patent on 15 unique ‘claims’ demonstrates how cutting edge our technology actually is. Stephen Kehoe added “The US Patent verifies that we have some fantastic technology and we look forward to continuing our US ventures”.