How it Works

A Realtime GPS Tracking Solution

Vehicle Installation Features:

  • GSM jamming detection technology integrated.
  • Internal backup battery in device in the event of a power cut.
  • Completely tamper-proof design. If anyone attempts to remove or tamper with device, it automatically disables the vehicle’s engine.

Administrator Panel:

  • Search all vehicles using vehicle registration or customer details.
  • Search/browse/modify account information.
  • Activate and deactivate accounts.

Customisation / In Development:

  • CAN bus interaction and deeper integration with car functionality.
  • Audio and video communication.
  • Zone/district control.

Smartphone Application:

  • Designed for use with iPhone, Smartphones and all Internet-accessible devices.
  • Locate/track a vehicle in real-time.
  • Remotely disable the vehicle.
  • Create and manage Geo-Fences
  • Will alert user via email/SMS that the vehicle detects motion or leaves geo-fence.
  • Manage client information, renew subscriptions, add features.
  • View extensive history for movement and activation’s.
  • Manage account details such as login information, contact email addresses or mobile numbers to receive alerts via push notification.
  • Alert authorities of vehicle theft via a fast-call button, or communicate with the vehicle monitoring station directly from their handheld device.
  • The vehicle can be stopped (even while in motion) by monitoring station in conjunction with the authorities.


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