With TracknStop’s integrated GPS technology, you can now track your vehicle 24/7, 365 days a year. TracknStop also allows you to customise and design your very own ‘geo-fences’, ensuring that you can monitor your vehicle’s activity at all times.


Worried about the security of your vehicle? Whether your car’s been stolen, or you simply want to disable its engine when you’re not driving it, TracknStop gives you the ability to stop your car remotely anywhere in the world.

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Your car’s been stolen? Not to worry! Put in a call to the TracknStop support centre, and we will immobilise your vehicle’s engine (even while in motion) safely and securely in conjunction with the authorities.


With your vehicle’s engine safely disabled, you can now map your vehicle’s exact location and allow law enforcement to retrieve it for you.


Step One . . .

Install TracknStop in your car

TracknStop is available to consumers worldwide through approved suppliers/providers. Installing TracknStop couldn’t be easier! Once you’ve signed yourself up with TracknStop, you’ll receive a visit from one of our friendly installation teams. While you sit back and wait, they’ll install a brand-new TracknStop device in your vehicle for you. It’s as simple as that.


Step Two . . .

Set-up your TracknStop Profile

Once our device has been installed in your car, you need to set up your TracknStop profile using either our Web-Based Application, Android App or iPhone App. It’s simple and takes less than 5 minutes to complete. You’re now ready to use TracknStop!


Step Three . . .

Track, Disable, Stop and Retrieve

You are now ready to take full advantage of TracknStop’s numerous features. From GPS tracking to geo-fencing, to vehicle disable, you can now rest assured that your car’s safety is in capable hands.

  • Our solution has disable technology, geo-fences, motion alert, privacy function & full GPS reporting/history. Our’s is the complete solution. 

  • Clients offered full proactive control as opposed to reactive. Our device is cheaper to fit, use and is fitted professionally by our partners.

  • TracknStop remote control technology can safely stop your speeding car from anywhere in the world.

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