With TracknStop, you can now track your vehicle 24/7, 365 days a year ensuring that you can monitor your vehicle’s activity at all times.


Our TracknStop software gives you the ability to disable your vehicle remotely from anywhere in the world at the press of a button.

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TracknStop offers the ability to immobilise your vehicle’s engine (even while in motion) safely and securely in under 3-seconds from anywhere in the world.


Our software offers the vehicle owner or fleet manager complete control with features such as privacy mode, geo-fence, geo-stop and motion alerts.


End-to-End Solution . . .

The first solution we offer our clients is the comprehensive End to End Solution. With our End to End Solution, we provide our clients with both the hardware and software required to take advantage of the TracknStop product. This package is designed to provide clients in both the private and public sectors with a full end-to-end vehicle management and security system.


Partnership Solution . . .

Alongside our End to End Solution, we also offer our Partnership Solution. This is designed to allow existing vehicle tracking companies to team up with Tracknstop for their software needs. By taking advantage of our Partnership Solution, existing vehicle tracking companies can now provide their customers with an extremely user-friendly and interactive software system – alongside their existing tracking hardware. This will allow tracking companies to provide a comprehensive end-to-end vehicle tracking system to their customers.

  • Having worked with TracknStop™ over the past year to fine tune their product for fleet requirements, we are delighted to formally establish a partnership that will help secure our fleet throughout Ireland. Knowing our vehicles are tracked and secure 24/7 gives our customers great peace of mind. Garrett Murphy, JMC Joint Managing Director


US Patent Awarded

The team at TracknStop are delighted to announce that our US Patent was awarded on April 16th 2017 (Patent Number: 9,630,590). This follows on from our successful Irish Patent (Number: S86671) awarded in July 2016. TracknStop has been working with both private and commercial vehicle owners giving them the ability to control their vehicle’s security. […]

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Press Release: TracknStop™ & JMC Commercial Agreement

Over the past year, TracknStop™ has had the pleasure of working with JMC, one of Ireland’s leading delivery service providers, during our open BETA stage of development. This week, we are happy to announce that TracknStop™ and JMC have formed a commercial agreement to equip a number of JMC vehicles with our TracknStop™ security solution. […]

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What is Geo-fencing: Frequently Asked Questions

The TracknStop system includes a number of specialised features for vehicle tracking, monitoring and security. One such feature is geo-fencing. Although geo-fencing has become popular amongst certain companies and businesses, many people are unaware of what it is. In the following post, we’ve decided to explore some of the most frequently asked questions about geo-fencing. […]

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